Woo, Shin-koo 사진
Woo, Shin-koo
Urbanism and Architecture

1986 BSc., Department of Architecture, Seoul National University
1994 MSc., Department of Architecture, Seoul National University
2002 MA   Architecture & Cultural Studies, Oxford Brookes University
1999 Ph.D., Department of Architecture, Seoul National University


Urban/Architectural design and theory


1. Samwhan Co. 1985-1993
2. Inje University Assistant Professor 1996-2003
3. Pusan National University Associate Professor 2003-Now


British Chevening Scholarship 2001-2002

Academic Society

Member of Urban Design Institute of Korea
Member of Korean Housing Association
Member of Korea Institute of Interior Design


1. Out of Site, Frame, Studio, Woo, Shin-koo et.al.,
2. The Independence of Gwangbok Street : To Create Beautiful and Lively Gwangbok Street, Woo, Shin-koo

Articles in National Academic Journals

1. An Analysis on the Sense of Exhibition in Modern Houses : Modern Houses through the Frame of Architectural Photography , 2002.12

2. An Analysis on the Features of Photographs of American Modem Houses - From 1945 to 1960, 2003. 2.25

3.A Study on the Development Characteristics of Commercial Markets and their Surrounding Commercial Zones in the Busan Region, 2005. 9

4.  A Study on the characcteristics of the discourses on Identity of Busan in local architectural magazines , 2005. 6

5. A Study on the Discoures on Regionalism of Local City -Focused on Articles of Local City/Architecture in Architetural Magazines , 2006. 5

6. A Study on the Representations of Photographs of Houses in the Magazines - Focused on the Comparision between Architectural Magazine and Women's Magazine
, 2006. 9

7. An Analysis on the Transformation of Street Structure in the Detached House Area by the Commercialization - Focused on the 'Mannam-Gil Block' in the Jangjeon-Dong, Busan , 2006. 10

8.A Study on the Representations of Housings in Magazines - Focused on Comparison of the Form and Content of the Texts of Architectural Magazines and Women's Magazines , 2007. 2

9. A Comparison Study on Color Planing and Application in interior space of subway station , 2007. 4

10. A Study on the User Characteristics of Beach as Waterfront - Focused on Researches of Main 3 Beaches in Busan , 2007. 12

11. A Study on the Facade Color of Food-franchises - Based on Family Restaurant, Coffee specialty store, Fast Food , 2008. 1

12. An Study on the Characteristics of the Shops in the Commercialized Residential Are - Focused on the 'Mannam-Gil Block' in the Jangjeon-Dong, Busan ,  2008. 1

13.'Imperialistic Cityscape of Hanoi in the Colonial Period - Focused on the Urban Street Structure and Monumental Architecture , 2008. 2

Articles in International Academic Journals

University Journals and Research Papers

Conference Papers

1. A Study on the Architecture Form and Meaning of Space Composition in Busan Focus on the Basic Unit of Local Government

2. A study on the transformation of the building form and space in residence area by commercializes, 2005.10

3. An Analysis of the Housing of Recognition with the Use of Magazine
-In Comparison with Architectural Magazine and Popular Woman's Magazine, 2004.10

4. A Study on the Logo Color of Food-franchises, 2007.10

5. A Study on the Transformation of Landscape of Masan City - Since Liberation(1945) To Present, 2007.10

6. A Study on the Trend of Externalization in the Interior Space Design, 2007.10

7. A Study on the Characteristics of the Shops in the Commercialized Residential Are - Focused on the 'Mannam-Gil Block' in the Jangjeon-Dong, Busan, 2007.10

8. A Study on the Characteristics of the Space in the Commercialized Residential Area - Focused on the 'Mannam-Gil Block' in Jangjeon-Dong, Busan,  2007.12

9. A Study on the Facilities formation and change of the Busan Open Port Area
- From 1876 to 1920,  2007.12


International (Overseas) Conference Papers

1. Gwangbok Street & 1004 Street : Two kinds of Making Street in Busan, Korea / Woo, Shin-koo, Asia Townscape Design Society, v.4(2007.11), p.117~121

Theses for Degrees

Research Reports

1. Study on Landscape Planning of the City of Gimhae, 2000. 12
2. Research Report on the creation of the Waterfront Park of Geoje Gohyeoncheon, 2001. 2
3. International Competition of Urban Requalification of Gwangbok Street, 2005. 7
4. Continuity and Change of Pueng, Vietnam - The Colonial Experience and Modern Urban Architecture, 2004. 9 ~ 2007. 8
5.Study on Landscape Planning of the City of Changwon, 2006
6. Study on the Composition of Beautiful Street in the Group Facilities District of Sudeok-sa in Deoksan Provincial Park, 2007. 10. Chungcheongnamdo


1. City: Perspectives and Communication (Title : City Excavation - Archaeology of Life), Island of the Alternative Space, 2000. 9. 4 ~ 9.16
2. City and Art : Time and Space of Busan (Title : Double Residence), Busan Metropolitan Art Division, 2000.11.29~12.14
3. Exhibition Design for the Contemporary Art Exhibition, Busan Biennale, 2006. 9. 16~11.25
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