Lawrence B. Kim 사진
Lawrence B. Kim
Architectural Design and Planning / Urban Design

Lawrence Kim / A+U Lab

Architecture and Urbanism Laboratory

A+U LAB is a design collective and collaborative practice for architecture and urbanism. Led by Lawrence Kim, AIA, LEED AP, A+U LAB engages in diverse projects through design consultancy and research working regionally and internationally. We approach design at multi-scalar levels studying the issues arising within and at the intersection of architecture and urbanism. Architecture is examined as a cultural, social, and spatial discipline addressing the programmatic and contextual issues, and urbanism is examined as the study of how inhabitants of cities interact with the built environment. Urban design, a direct component of urbanism, moves beyond the study of urban spaces as the practice that actively shapes the urban areas and the city with systems of strategies and interventions that integrate people with the built environment. A+U LAB sees design as the means to envision a better-built environment and to initiate great transformation. We emphasize research-based design and strive to produce innovative works that are grounded in meaningful and lasting ideals